About Jaludo

About Jaludo

Jaludo is a Dutch company that publishes online gaming portals and online games. With a worldwide reach of over 10 million online gamers each month and with a solid growth Jaludo is one of the larger gaming networks in the world.

Casual gaming is online gaming for a large audience with an easy gameplay and simple rules.  Our portals contain thousands of these games which are carefully selected

Started in 2005 and since then we always had a keen eye on high maintenance on our portals.

Our core values exist of:

  • Listening to our users
  • Providing high quality games
  • Keep our sites fresh and updated
  • Always keep improving
  • Satisfaction over growth

At Jaludo we take pride in our job and find pleasure in a high satisfaction with our users. Jaludo, where people come to play!

Worldwide, more than 7 million people have registered accounts with us, and the sites draw over 20 million unique visitors per month.