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Although casual games are still young, they are definitely here to stay. If you take a look at today’s numbers, almost half of all US Internet users play online games, equally divided between both genders and different age groups. * Why is it that everybody is playing? Casual games are fun and very accessible to all Internet users: Free to play and just one mouse click away. Also casual games are flexible. Meaning you are able to play a casual game for ten minutes, an hour or if you want, for many hours. Compared to the more traditional core games you won’t get a ‘penalty’ if you choose to play them for a just short period of time. This doesn’t mean casual games are simple games. You might say they are just easy to play, but hard to master – in a word ‘fun’.

All Jaludo players have access to a portfolio of more than 8000 games. Every day a few new games are carefully selected and added to our localized portals, clearly divided into our collection of game genres, including adventure, puzzle, sports and dress-up games. Besides publishing third party content, Jaludo is closely working with some super talented developers, creating high standard exclusive games, of which you can see some great examples.

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Casual Games

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Casual Games