Mobile Games

Today almost everyone has some sort of mobile device and gaming on these devices is becoming ever more popular. Traditionally Jaludo focused on Flash games, and now we also focusing on visitors who prefer playing games on mobile devices. Jaludo has started developing games for mobile devices. From now on you can play your favourite Jaludo game whenever and wherever you want, with full mobility!

Our mobile games should be available for the most common operating systems. Jaludo is currently developing games for iPhone and Android, so keep an eye out for the Jaludo games in the App Store!
Jaludo is developing another new type of game; the HTML5 game. These games are written in HTML code and don’t require any purchase or installation. You can play these games directly on Jaludo’s recently launched Mobile portal.

Curious about the Jaludo Mobile portal? Want to see it in action! Visit with your mobile device and check it out.