Smiley Jump Mania

That’s fun, a smiley version of arkanoid! Make the smiley bounce on the springboard and make it hit the bricks so that they fall. The smiley may not hit the ground, and it should also stay away from the cord the spider’s hanging on. This game contains six levels, each of them containing five sublevels. You start in the hills, then pass on to the desert. After that, you arrive in the snow, and after having been in the rockies and in the savannah, you arrive in paradise! You can also choose the ‘Random level’ option: the computer itself will choose a level for you. In each of these levels your smiley has to face different dangers. You can get several bonuses, for example magnets, bullets, missiles, hamburgers, pieces of cake, pizza slices, extra life, speeding up or, on the contrary, slowing down the game. Have fun!

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