Campaign Possibilities

Banner advertisement

Banner advertisementOur portals allow you to communicate your message Run-on-site (ROS) through all standard (IAB) banner formats. Its standard features include a leader board on the index or game page, a medium or a large rectangle on the category or collection page.

Would you prefer to give a personal touch to your campaign by deviating from standard banners? Please take a look at the benefits of Pre-rolls and Post-rolls, site takeovers, overlays and the innovative Viral Marketing possibilities that our branded games offer.

Pre- and Postroll

Pre-roll advertisements are mainly video ads that are shown before the start of a game. Games usually have a short load time before they can be played, and gamers are used to this. During this load time, your advertisement is centre stage.

Post-roll ads show during the game play. After the game has been loaded, the Post-roll will appear and remain on the screen during the entire game. This gives the user ample opportunity to click on the advertisement.

Preroll Postroll

Site takeovers and overlays

Two of the most original and effective ways of online advertising are site takeovers and overlays. A site takeover consists in providing the front page or entire web site with the banners and background of one single advertiser. This offers many advantages. For instance, your communication receives full attention and you can count on a high Click Through Rate (CTR): this rate is often around 10%!

An overlay is shown as a layer over the whole site, or a part of it. These interactive advertisements stimulate your audience who then participate actively in your message. Recent studies show these two forms of advertising are far and above the most efficient ones. Below and opposite you can see the examples of a site takeover and an overlay.

Overlay Overlay Overlay

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