Target Audiences

Targeting an advertising message to the right audience is one of the most important aspects of successful campaign. On Jaludo portals advertiser can choose among couple of targeting verticals that allow to find the right audience on our web sites.

One of the most popular way of targeting is demographical targeting. Advertiser can target specific age and gender group.

  • Targeting male/female
  • Targeting on age group

Whether you product is tailored for men or women, younger or older audience, we can target your advertising message on specific demographical group. We  do a thorough research of demographical make up of our users. We know which games and game categories are played by particular age and gender groups and we can target your advertisement on chosen audience.

Another popular way of targeting is to direct the advertisement on specific game category or even specific game. Whether you want to target your advertisement on players of racing games or fans of sport games, we can cater to your needs. We can also target single game or a game group.

  • Targeting game category
  • Targeting the specific game or game group

The last targeting option is targeting on specific location. By default we filter out all the foreign traffic on your tags targeting your ads on country of your choice. We can go even further though, we can target your advertisement on region or city of your choice. Wherever your target audience is located, your ads can reach them through us.

  • Targeting on country
  • Targeting on region
  • Targeting on city

Worldwide, more than 7 million people have registered accounts with us, and the sites draw over 20 million unique visitors per month.