In the summer of 2008 Jaludo started with a new concept. 


These portals offer great opportunities for advertisers to get in touch with their target audiences. Think of:

  • advergames / branded games,
  • site takeovers /overlays
  • Run-on-site (ROS) through all standard (IAB) banner formats.

Our visitors are in a relaxed mood: a perfect moment to receive your message! Our playful audience has an attractive diversity. So do you want to reach a wide public in a target oriented way, or would you rather reach a more specific target group? In either case you’ve reached the right place to be! You can, through our portals, catch about 2 million consumers in the age bracket 16 to 25.

We regularly undertake research into the details, with the help of a model especially developed for us by Jungle Minds. This is how our information can remain up-to-date, which you can take full advantage of and profit from. We know what interests our visitors like no other.

Thanks to our experience over many campaigns we’re able to offer extensive advice. We would like to invite you to talk to us and discuss how your marketing objectives can be achieved within our network. If you want to know more about the possibilities, then don’t hesitate, contact us.

Worldwide, more than 7 million people have registered accounts with us, and the sites draw over 20 million unique visitors per month.