For girls and women Jaludo has created a special portal. Mary is the name of this portal. 

Besides the many games we produce ourselves, we offer a blog with gossip, films, information and polls. Moreover, we have a Facebook page that has reached a number of 30.000 fans within half a year. Our Twitter account has already more than 2500 followers. On our Youtube channel there have already been more than 90.000 views within 5 months.

Within a few weeks we will also launch our online Mary community, to make the Mary visitors feel even more at home in the Mary portals.

We work with such an enthusiasm and professionalism that we’ve created one of the biggest game portal networks exclusively for girls and women. While most game portals are mostly targeted at boys and men or both males and females, Mary is aiming for a purely female target group.

We’ve done some research into our visitors and it turns out that 95% of them are girls and women. That’s exactly our focus, and it confirms that we reach our target groups.
We work together with, and are looking for further cooperation with the following types of parties:

• Game providers with games for girls
• Advertising agencies interested in this special target group: girls and women
• Media agencies
• Online magazines for girls and women

Our portal offer great campaign opportunities for advertisers:

• advergames / branded games,
• site takeovers /overlays
• Run-on-site (ROS) through all standard (IAB) banner formats.

Feel free to contact us!

Worldwide, more than 7 million people have registered accounts with us, and the sites draw over 20 million unique visitors per month.